Life is a Gift

Posted: March 25, 2016 in Hikmah
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What do I think about life?

I just say Allah has written our journey in His Lauh Mahfudz, in fact, we either accept or not. Life is an accumulation of choice we face, and sometimes, we need to choose the proper chance that bringing us to the next stage.

Life is a candle given by Allah for kept and giving the light to others people, but not to burn its own self. This life should be faced by sincere and a feeling to respect people around us.

Our life has its own story that can not be mixed with others people story, but it could be fulfilled by other ones. We have our own life and we decide who we are.

Respecting our life will give us a feeling of how others trying to make their own life valuable and respectable.

Just thanks to Allah for every moment we have in this life and do what Allah orders to us, thus bringing into His True Way.


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